Dianne's Compositions by Category

Piano Music from FJH Music Co.

The FJH Music Co. is now publishing Dianne's piano work. These titles are available at this time (end of 2009) in The FJH Contemporary Keyboard Editions Series edited by Helen Marlais.

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Teaching Pieces

Modern Miniatures Volume 1 (Late Elementary through Intermediate) edited by Helen Marlais

Modern Miniatures Volume 2 (Intermediate through Early Advanced) edited by Helen Marlais

Pictures and Beyond  Book 1, Elementary

Concertino No.1 Op.82 for piano and orchestra

Concertino No.2 Op.113 Piano, Strings and percussion

Concertino No.3 Op.145 with String Quartet or additional strings

Concert Pieces

Sonata No.1 Op.25 (Edited by Rebecca Raffaelli)

Sonata No.2 Op.31 (Edited by Phyllis Alpert Lehrer)

Sonata No.3 Op.83 “Odyssey” Sonata No.4 (Edited by Judith Olson)

Sonata No.4 Op.128 (Edited by Diane Andersen)

Sonata No.5, Op.185 "Kiss of Peace" (Notes)

Phantasie Variations Op.12 (Edited by Phyllis Alpert Lehrer)

Preludes Volume 1 (Edited by Rebecca Raffaelli)

Preludes Volume 2 (Edited by Rebecca Raffaelli)

Piano Music Available Directly from the Composer

Over time, many of these titles will be taken over by FJH Music Co.

Solo Piano Pieces

Indicates music is available on CD indicates the music is available on CD. See the Discography.

Collected Miscellaneous Works $18
     Contents: (also available individually with prices shown)

Abstracts Op.7 (1981) $5
Intermezzo Op.18, No.3 (1983) Indicates music is available on CD
Op.21, No.2 (1983) $4 1:57Indicates music is available on CD
Nocturne Op.32, No.1 (1989) 1989 $4 2:50 Indicates music is available on CD  (for Alice Wilkinson)
Novellette Op.37 (1990) $5 2:35 Indicates music is available on CD  (for Deborah Yardley Beers)
Scherzino Op.32, No.2 (1989) $3 00:37 Indicates music is available on CD  “Hommage a Stravinsky”
Sketch Op.29 “Harp” (1988) $4 Indicates music is available on CD
Soliloquies Op.17 (1983) $4
Sonatina Op.41 (1990) $5 4:30 Indicates music is available on CD  (for Livia Rabinek Ayal)


Prelude Op.94 "Daydream" for Igor Kipnis (1999) $4

Phantasie Op.99 "Y2K " (1999-2000) $12 7:00

Hommage to Shostakovich Op.106 (2000) $4 3:30

CLASSIC PIANO SOLOS (ATF131) pub. by Carl Fischer
Collection of misc. teaching pieces includes: Preludes Op.5, No.1 & No. 2; Toccatina Op.4, No.4 $14.95
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Collected Piano Pieces in Two Volumes (available in 2010, replacing Collected Miscellaneous Works above)

Contents of Volume One

Nocturne Op.7 (for left hand alone) (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Abstracts Op.7a (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Three Intermezzi: (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Intermezzo Op.18, No.3; Op.21, No.2 & No.2
Soliloquies Op.17 (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer) No.1 “Fur Elise”; No.2 ; No.3
Homage to George Crumb “Space” Op.18, No.6 (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Scherzino Op.32, No.2 (Ed.Rebecca Raffaelli )
Sketch Op.29 (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Bagatelle Op.142, No.1 (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Bagatelle Op.181 (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Prelude Op. 94 “Day Dream” (Ed.Rebecca Raffaelli ) (for clavichord; harpsichord; or piano)
Nocturne “Homage to Chopin” (Ed.Rebecca Raffaelli )
Novellette Op.37 (Ed.Rebecca Raffaelli )
Sonatina Op.41 (Ed.Rebecca Raffaelli )
Homage to Dmitri Shostakovich Op.106 (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Tango Op.126
Reflections Op.164 “Sorrows and Joys” (Ed. Phyllis Lehrer)
Contemplation Op.174 (Ed.Rebecca Raffaelli )
Y2K Phantasie Op.99 (Ed. Naydene Bowder) “New Years Eve 1999-2000"

Contents of Volume Two

THREE BALLADES (Edited by Diane Andersen)
Ballade No.1, Op.111
Ballade No.2, Op.129 “Flashbacks of World Trade Center Disaster, September 11, 2001”
Ballade No.3, Op.161 “Mystere”

Two-Piano Works

“Mosaic” Op.26 (1992) $18 (2 copies) 6:03 Indicates music is available on CD

10+10 Op.48 (1991) $18 (2 copies)

Little Suite Op.72 (1995) $18 (2 copies)

Three Preludes Op.68a (1994) $18 (2 copies) 7:54

Triptych Op.114 (2001) $18 (2 copies) 10:00

Rhapsodie Op.80a “Urartu”( 2001) $18 (2 copies) 6:00

Toccata for Two Pianos Op.118 (2002)

Tango Op.126b (also arranged for 4 hands) Op.126c

"Tribute" Op.189 In Memoriam Carola Grindea (Solo piano October 2009)
     Op.189b arr. for two pianos 1/2011; Op.189a 4 hands (duet) 10/2010

Piano and Orchestra

Rhapsodie Op.80 “Urartu” for piano and orchestra. 2 piano arr. (1996) $14 set 6:00

Concertino Op.87 Intermediate for piano and orchestra. 2 piano arr. (1997) $14 set 6:30

Concertino No.2 Op.113 Intermediate for piano (with strings and percussion) 2 piano arr (2001) $15 set 10:00

Concerto No.2 Op.134 for piano and orchestra 2 piano arr. $16 set 15:00

All Orchestral Scores and parts available upon request.