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Works by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee

Performed by Diane Andersen, pianist

Piano Concerto No.2 , Op.134 for piano and orchestra
Rhapsodie “Urartu” Op.80 for piano and orchestra
    MATAV Hungarian Symphony Orchestra,
    conducted by David Rahbee

Also includes:
Ballade No.1 Op.111
Sonata No.4
Ballade No.2, Op.129 "Flashbacks of 9/11"
Tango Op.126
Preludes : Op.120, No.3; Op.122; Op.123; Op.140, No.1; Op.140, No.2

Available from Dianne

Seda 333 (1994)

Sonata No.1, & No.2; Phantasie-Variations
Preludes Op.5
Two Intermezzi Op.18, No.3
Op.21, No.2
Prelude Op.54 “Intchu”
Mosaic (two piano)
Sonata Breve (vl.& pn.)

Performing artists : Bartevyan; Beers; Bronstein; Jackendoff;
Lehrer; Raffaelli; Richter

Available from Dianne

Preludes and Toccatinas by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee

Deborah Nemko, pianist


Concertino No.1 Op.82 for Piano and Chamber Orchestra


Concertino No.1 Op.82 for Piano and Chamber Orchestra
Concertino No.3 Op.113 for Piano and String Orchestra & percussion

Benedek Horvath, pianist
MTAV Hungarian Symphony Orchestra
David Rahbee conducting

Available from Dianne

“Sunbursts” Solo piano works by 7 American Women

CD Sunbursts

Three Preludes Op.68
Nanette Kaplan Solomon, pianist

Leonarda LE 345
Tel.: 212-666-7697

Scythian Suite

“Ten Plus Ten" for piano 4-hands
David Pearl and Rubi Miyachi, pianists

available on AMAZON.COM

Music for Two Pianos


Pianists Lehrer & Barton
includes “Mosaic” Op.26

e-mail: lehrer [at] rider.edu

MMC 2009 Bratislava Series (1994)

Tapestry No.1 “Proclamation”
Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra , Robert Black, conductor

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Mosaic Op.26 Duo
pianists Pam Colen and Pam Slomka

Evola Music
pamsquared [at] ameritech.net

Childhood Memories Music for Younger Pianists

Three Toccatinas
Childhood Memories
Sahan Arzruni, pianist

New World Records
E-mail: info [at] newworldrecords.org

From Celebration Recordings

Celebration Recordings
Box 392
Purchase NY 10577
E-Mail: celebration [at] dilmaghani.com
Also available on AMAZON.COM and CDBABY.COM


Margo Dilmaghani, pianist

Prelude Op.87, No.3 “Celebration “
Prelude Op.87, No.2 “Lullaby”
Prelude Op.88 “Melody”
Prelude Op.69 “Twilight”
Prelude Op.29 “Sketch”
Prelude Op.54 “Intchu”
“Gardens of the Heart”
Nocturne Op.32

“Floating Clouds” includes Abstract No.7
“Meditations” includes Prelude Op.120, No.2
“Beauty and Joy” includes Toccata Op.128 from Sonata No.4