Music by Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee

Complete Listing of Works by Opus Number

with selected first performances

Op.01 1972 Essay No. 1 for piano

Op.02 1972 Tarantelle (piano duet)

Op.03 1980 Pictures for piano

Op.04 1980 Essays for piano

Op.05 1980 Three Preludes
     Vivian Taylor , pianist 10/18/81 Museum of our National Heritage, Lexington,MA (American Women Composers Concert)

Op.06 1973 String Quartet Improvisation
     Sharan Leventhal ”Eparea Quartet” 3/23/86

Op.07 1981 Abstracts
     Vivian Taylor , pianist 10/18/81 Museum of our National Heritage, Lexington,MA American Women Composers Concert

Op.08 1981 Expressions for piano

Op.12 1981 Phantasie Variations
     Phyllis Alpert Lehrer , pianist 4/4/82 Merkin Hall,NY Debut Concert

Op.13 1981 Wind Quartet (Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon)" Three Fragments"
     Lyricum Ensemble 4/21/81 AWC Concert Gloucester, MA.

Op.16 1987 Fragments

Op.17 1983 Soliloquies for piano

Op.18 1983 Seven Pieces

Op.18 1995 “ Flute Frolic” (arr. for flute & piano)

Op.18 1995 “Flute Frolic” (arr. for three flutes)
     1995 Contemporary Music Seminar Rivers Music School Students

Op.19 1983 "Pages from my Diary" 1.Romance 2. Lament 3. Episode 
     Moshfegh Quartet AWC Convention, Tufts University 1983

Op.20 1984 VIOLA AND PIANO "Discourse"
     Dubravka Moshfegh & Ellen Polansky 11/4/84 Brown Hall, New England Conservatory

Op.21 1984 Intermezzi
     Mariann Abraham, pianist (Live radio broadcast Budapest, Hungary) 2/21/91

Op.22 1983 SOLO VIOLIN "Soliloquies"
     Sharan Leventhal, violinist Fogg Museum, Harvard University 4/8/85

Op.23 1985 SONG POEMS Soprano and piano Poems by Avedick Issahakian (1891-1957) (translated by E.B.Chrakian)

Op.24 1985 ONE ACT OPERA Mini Musical Drama (Sopr.&Tape) " Did I Tell You What Happened During Our Visit to N.Y. Last Spring ?"
     Mary Sindoni 2 /19/86, Longy School, AWC Concert Cambridge, MA.

Op.25 1986 Piano Sonata No.1
     Jennifer Ruland 4/86 Commissioned by Rivers School for Contemporary Music Seminar

Op.26 1987 Mosaics ( 2 Pianos)
     Phyllis Alpert Lehrer & Ena Bronstein , duo piano 1987 Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ

Op.27, No.1 1986 MANDOLINE SOLO "Bagatelle"
     Robert Sullivan, Brown Hall, 1986 New England Conservatory

Op.27, No.2 1986 MANDOLINE Solo (AND GUITAR DUO) "Ariunus"
     Robert Sullivan, Mandoline, Jordan Hall , N.E.C.10/27/96

Op.28 TRIO "Shir Ahaba" ( flute,viola,cello)

Op.29 1987 HARP SOLO "Sketch"

Op.14 1987 Fragments (published by Boston Music Co.)

Op.29 1987 Sketch for piano

Op.30 1989 Wind Duo ( 2 flutes, 2 clarinets, 2 oboes or combinations of various winds)

Op.31 1988 Piano Sonata No.2,
     Phyllis Alpert Lehrer, pianist 11/5/89 Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ

Op.32 1989 Wind Duo (Mimi) ( 2 Flutes)
     Mimi & Alex Stillman AWC Marathon Concert

Op.32, No.1 1989 Nocturne
    Alice Wilkinson , pianist 2/5/90 Longy School, Cambridge, MA

Op.32, No.2 1989 Scherzino
    Levon Hovsepian , pianist Armenian Composers Concert, Belmont MA

Op.33 1989 Rondo for Organ
     Susan Jacobson, Providence, Rhode Island

OP.33 1989 PATCHWORK SUITE FOR DANCE A collection of synthesized pieces of various lengths and moods from which a choreographer can select for performance.
     Neighborhood Music School Students

Op.34 1987 Fanfare ( 2 Trumpets) April,1987
     Rivers Music School Students, Contemporary Music Seminar

Op.35 1989 Monologue (Bb Clarinet), Oboe , Flute

Op.37 1989 Novellette
     Deborah Yardley Beers, pianist Commissioned the work, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA 10/14/90

Op.38 1990 Symphony No.1 ("The Kiss of Peace") Full Orchestra

Op.39 1990 Elegie (String Orchestra or String Quartet)

Op.40 1990 Chorus and Orchestra "Hairenikis" Anthem

Op.41 1990 Sonatina
     Commissioned and performed by Livia Ayal , pianist 9/25/91 Chicago Piano Teachers Association

Op.41 1990 Sonatina for Harpsichord

Op.42 1991 Five Bagatelles (Flute or Clarinet solo and piano)
     Mimi and Alex Stillman 4/13/91

Op.42 1991 Five Bagatelles violin and piano

Op.42 1997 Three Bagatelles (for organ and recorder)

Op.42 1997 Bagatelle (for harpshichord and recorder)

Op.43 1991 Dance Toccata Marimba (vibraphone) and piano commissioned by Alex Orfaly

Op.44 1991 Tapa (two vibraphones)
     Nicola Cannizzaro and Rosina Vigilante , Indiana University, Bloomington

Op.45 1991 Piano Trios "Pages from my Diary" (violin, cello & piano) (Winds may be substituted)
     Piacevole Chamber Players 11/6/91 AWC Concert, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA
     Volume 1: 1.Scherzando 2. Doloroso 3. Gioviale 4. Andantino
     Volume 2: 5. Allegretto 6. Barcarolle 7.Giocoso
     Volume 3: 8. "Village Dance"

Op.46 1991 Prelude for piano

Op.46 1991 Two Pieces for Three Players (Vibraphone and Marimba Duet) commissioned by Alex Orfaly
    "Coalescence" and "Arabesque" commissioned by Alex Orfaly

Op.47 1991 Three Reflections Oboe and piano (English Horn)

Op.47 1991 Three Reflections violin and piano

Op.48 1991 10 +10 (Ten Plus Ten) 4 Hands (duet)
     Rebecca Raffaelli & Steven Anderson 11/2/91 New Haven, Conn.

Op.49 1991 Three Tapesties for full orchestra
     (No.1 Recorded on CD Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra) 1994

1992 Tapestry No.5 for full orchestra

Op.49 1993 Tapestry No.3, arranged for concert band
     MIT Concert Band, Kresge Auditorium 12/3/94

Op.50 1992 Sonata Breve for Violin and piano
     Magdalena Richter, violin & Elise Jackendoff, piano 10/29/95 Watertown , Ma Concert Recorded on CD Seda 333

Op.51 1992 Four Duets
     Emily & Nicholas Ma

Op.52 1993 Sound Designs : Vibraphone, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, 6 Tom Toms , Woodblock, Snare, Cymbals, 4 Timpani
     Erevan, Armenia No.1" Keff" Percussion Ensemble

Op.53 1992 Six Hands with Three Hearts (piano duet and cello)
     Emily & Nicholas &Yo-Yo Ma

Op.54 1992 Prelude " Intchu? "
     Gretchen Lin, pianist Rivers Contemporary Music Seminar April 1993

Op.55 1992 Tone Poem "Sevan" for Full Orchestra

Op.56 1993 Celebration Flute Solo (Mimi's 11th birthday)

Op.57 1992 Keff String Quartet and "Keff for String Orchestra" (1993)

Op.58 1993 Journey's End for String Orchestra and Full Orchestra (In George's Memory)

Op.58 1993 Journey's End for String Quartet

OP.58 1993 Journey's End Quintet (String Quartet & double Bass)

Op.59 1993 Essay for strings and percussion

Op.60 1993 Sound Designs : Percussion Ensemble Erevan, Armenia No.2 , " Gadak"

Op.61 1993 Sound Designs : Percussion Ensemble Erevan, Armenia No. 3 , " High Time "

Op.62 1994 Prelude "Whim"
     Rivers Contemporary Music Seminar April 1994

Op.63 1994 Fanfare (4 trumpets)
     Rivers Contemporary Music Seminar April 1994

Op.64 1994 Trio for Viola, Cello & Piano ( for Moshfegh Trio)

Op.65 1994 Fanfare for Brass Ensemble (2 Trumpets,Horn F,Trombone, Euphonium,Tuba,3 Timpani)
     Boston Brass Ensemble 4/29/94 Wellesley College, Processional for Inauguration Of President Diana Chapman Walsh

Op.68 1994 Three Preludes
     Virginia Eskin 4/22/95 AWC Marathon, Northeastern University (commissioned by Northeastern)

Op.68a 1996 Three Preludes arranged for two-pianos

Op.69 1996 Prelude “Twilight” Selected Preludes (Op.4;Op.18:Op.46;Op.62;Op.69)

Op.70 1995 Viola and Flute Two Dialogues “Romance” &” Coquetry”
     Mimi Stillman & Hung-wei Huang

Op.71 1995 Pastorale Harp and Flute
     Laura Caramellino and Mimi Stillman

Op.71 1996 Pastorale (for harpsichord and recorder)

Op.71 1996 Pastorale (for organ and recorder)

Op.71 1996 Pastorale for Recorder Quartet or Quintet

Op.72 1995 Little Suite (2 pianos)
     Phyllis Alpert Lehrer & Ena Bronstein , duo piano Westminster Choir College, Princeton, NJ July 25,1996

Op.73 1996 Essay No.2 for mixed orchestral ensemble
     Student Ensemble 6/16/96 Watertown,MA

Op.74 1996 Seven Little Etudes

Op.75 1996 Bagatelles for Recorders Trio
     No.1 Andantino, No.2 Allegretto, No.3 Barcarolle (also for recorder quartet), No.4 Giocoso, No.5 Gioviale, No.6 Spasso

Op.76 1996 Four pieces for Recorder and Organ (arranged) Andantino; Allegretto; Molto Espressivo; Pastorale

Op.77 1996 Two Pieces for Recorder and Harpsichord (arranged) Allegretto; Pastorale

Op.78 1997 Two pieces for Trumpet in C and Piano “Reflections” & “Scherzo”

Op.79 Dialogue for Bassoon and French Horn (Wang)

Op.80 Rhapsodie “Urartu” for Piano and Orchestra

Op.81 Rhapsodie for Viola and Orchestra

Op.82 1997 Concertino for piano and orchestra “Peasant Folk Dance”

Op.83 Odyssey 1997 for piano solo
     Commissioned by Rivers Parents Committee for Angel Ramon Rivera

Op.84 Fanfare for Three Trumpets
     1998 Rivers Seminar 20th Anniv.

Op.85 “Praise GOD!” 1998 a cappella chorus (eight voices)

Op.86 Belmont Suite for Orchestra 1998

Op.87 Three Preludes (“August” “Lullaby” “Celebration”) 1998

Op.88 Prelude “Melody” (“Dad’s 88th Birthday”) 1998

Op.89 Prelude “ Autumn” for piano 1998

Op.90 Prelude “ Chaotic Life in the 90’s” for piano 1998

Op.91 Two Fanfare (Brass Quintet) (1999)

Op.92 Collected Preludes for Violin & Piano (2/99)

Op.93 Duo for Cello and Double Bass (2/99)

Op.94 Prelude for Harpsichord or Piano 3/1999 for Igor Kipnis

Op.95 Little Etude Suite for Marimba

Op.96 Fanfare for 3 Trumpets and snare drum (for St.Petersburg Festival)

Op.97 “Vicissitudes” Second Millenium (Cello and Piano) for Emmanuel Feldman
     (World Premiere NEC)

Op.97a “Vicissitudes” Second Millenium arranged for Trio (violin, cello & piano)

Op.97b “Vicissitudes” Second Millenium arranged for Trio (clarinet, cello & piano)

Op.98 A Khodja Tale “The Musical Virtuoso” for violin and piano

Op.99 Y2K Phantasie for piano

Op.100 Hayr Mere Mezzo-soprano and pn. (organ)

Op.101 Song of Grief Mezzo-sop. and piano

Op.102 Brass Sextet Fanfare (2000)
     Rivers Commission World Premiere 3/1/2000

Op.103 Sextet for strings and flutes (2000)
     Rivers Commission World Premiere 3/1/2000

Op.104 Concerto No.1 (2000) for piano and orchestra ( arranged for 2 pianos)

Op.105 Seven Small Pieces for Piano 2000 (early intermed.)

Op.106 St. Petersburg Suite for Piano No.1 Hommage to Shostakovich 2000

Op.107 Children’s Album 7 pieces for piano (late elementary) 2000

Op.108 Children’s Album 12 pieces for piano (late elementary) 2000

Op.109 Children’s Album 5 Number Games : pieces for piano (late elementary) 2000

Op.110 Children’s Album 12 pieces for piano (late elementary) 2001

Op.111 Ballade for piano solo (for Diane Andersen)

Op.111 , No.1 Ensemble “Seeds of Friendship” (2 flutes and strings) No.2 “A Short Burst of Energy”
     (commissioned by Rivers) 2001

Op.112 Fanfare for 3 Trumpets and French Horn
     (commissioned by Rivers) 2001

Op.113 Concertino for Piano and String Orchestra with percussion May 2001
     (commissioned by Judith Olson)

Op.114 A Little Folk Tale (for Michelle Louise Howard-Sukiasian)

Op.115 Holleck Suite (for Inga Holleck and family)

Op.116 Prelude “In Memoriam Ted Hennessy” WTC 9/11/01

Op.117 “Keff” Student Orchestral Ensemble 12/2001

Op.118 Toccata for Two Pianos Jan. 2002

Op.119 Fanfare (brass septet) 2002 3 trump.;2 horns;tromb.; barittone (Rivers commission )

Op.120 Three Preludes

No.1 “ Anticipation de la retour ” (for Diane Andersen)

No.2 “Ensemble” No.3 Au revoir”

Op.121 Prelude for Piano “Daydream”

Op.122 Prelude for Piano “Rendevous” (for Diane Andersen)

Op.123 Prelude for Piano “Hommage de Ligeti” (for Diane Andersen)

Op.124 Toccatina for Clarinet and Marimba for Sarah Tenney

Op.125 Two Preludes for Piano “Meditation” and “Rejoicing” for Rebecca Raffaelli 6/11/02

Op.126 Tango (for Diane Andersen) 7/3/02 sent to for Estela Telerman, Argentina

Op.126b Tango for two pianos (for Diane Andersen & Nadine Delsaux) 2008

Op.126c Tango (piano duet) (for Diane Andersen & Nadine Delsaux) 2008

Op.127 Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (for Deborah Nemko) August 2002

OP. 128 Piano Sonata No.4 (for Diane Andersen) September 2002

World Premiere , Diane Andersen March 20, 2003 New Haven Connecticut

Op.129 Ballade No.2 “Nine Eleven WTC Flashbacks” November 2002 (commissioned by Rivers for Nick Andrews)

World Premiere April 12, 2003 Nick Andrews, pianist

Op.130 Fanfare for 25th Anniversary (commissioned by Rivers) Sextet (4 trumpets; Fr. horn; trombone)

Op.131 Carousel MTNA Commission (Jan. 2003)

Op.132 Monday Morning In The City MTNA Commission (Jan.2003)

Op.133 Adventurous Journey MTNA Commission (Jan. 2003)

Op.134 Piano Concerto for Diane Andersen (2003)

Op.135 Wedding March for Suzanne Lehrer and Jonathan LeBouef (November 2, 2003)

Op.136 Two Song Poems for Marty Guterman (mezzo soprano, viola & piano) 12/2003

Op.137 Fanfare (Brass Ensemble) commissioned by Rivers for 2004 Seminar.

Op.138 Two Preludes for Mildred Freiberg June 2004 No.1 “Escape to Inner Space”; No.2 “A Vibrant Spirit”

Op.139 Sonata for Clarinette Bb and Piano June 2004 for Elizabeth Leehey

Op.140 Two Preludes for Diane Andersen No.1 “Champagne petillant” ; No.2 “Imploration”

Op. 141 Fanfare (2 Trumpets; 2 Horns; 2 Euphoniums) Rivers Commissions for 2005 Seminar

Op.142, 2005, No.1 Bagatelle for Sophia Ho (Commissioned by YuChi husband), No.2 Bagatelle for Ashley DerAnanian

Op. 143 2005 Finger March Parade for four players (each plays a single line)

Op. 144, 2005 Eastern Tales
    No.1 Journey To Where for Ani Leah Kassian-Howard
    No.2 Little Folk Dance for Hrani DerMarderosian
    No.3 Georgian Saga for David Lehrer
    No.4 Through the Desert for Joshua Salehrabi

Op.145, 2005 Concertino No.3 for piano and strings (percussion) For Judith Olson

Op.146, 2006 Teaching Pieces for FJH Collection
     No.1 Sad Story”
     No.2 “Fooling Around” for Ariella Salehrabi
     No.3 “Armenian Saga” for Stephanie DerAnanian
     No.4 “Folk Dance” for Sylvie LeBoeuf
     No.5 “ Jumping Traiads” for Lorenzo Palombi
     No.6 “ The Wild Chase” for Iman and Nora Morlot
     No.7 “Tricky Triads” for Silvie Lehrer LeBoeuf

Op.147 “Anahid’s Musings” for 2 pns. & percussion 6/06

Op.148, 2006 “ Odyssey “ for 2 pns.

     No.1 Etude in Seconds
     No.2 Marathon Race
     No.3 Twirling Round and Round

Op. 150 “Mischievous Melange” (Ensemble) 2006 for 5 flutes;1 horn in F; 2 pianos; marimba; 1 viola; 3 celli
     Commissioned by Rivers Music School for Contemporary Seminar

Op. 151 “ Feu Follet” Song for soprano and piano (April 2007), Poem by Therese Planiol

Op.152 “Ses Yeux” Song for soprano and piano (April 2007), Poem by Therese Planiol

Op. 151a “ Feu Follet” Song for Flute and piano (April 2007), Poem by Therese Planiol arranged for Mimi Stillman

Op.152a “Ses Yeux” Song for flute and piano (June 2007), Poem by Therese Planiol arranged for Mimi Stillman

Op. 151b “ Feu Follet” Song for Violin and piano (August 2007), Poem by Therese Planiol

Op.152b “Ses Yeux” Song for violin and piano (August 2007), Poem by Therese Planiol

Op. 151c “ Feu Follet” Song for oboe and piano (2007), Poem by Therese Planiol

Op. 151d “ Feu Follet” Song for violin and piano (2007), Poem by Therese Planiol

Op.152c “Ses Yeux” Song for oboe and piano (2007), Poem by Therese Planiol

Op.154 Prelude “Romance” (from Sonata No.4) For flute & pn. Arranged for Mimi Stillman

Op.154b Prelude “Romance” arr. for violin and piano (from Op.120, No.2)

Op.155 Sonata for Flute and Piano For Mimi Stillman June 2007

Op.156 Concerto for Flute and orchestra For Mimi Stillman

Op.157 Sonata No.2 for Violin & piano (arr. Piano Sonata No.2)

Op.158, No.1 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (arr. Flute Concerto) Sept. 2007

Op.158, No.2 Bagatelle for Diane Andersen 11/2007 became Op.163 for Ariana Lehrer

Op.159 Meditation for Trombone and piano, in memoriam 9/11/01

Op.160 “Infini” (Poem by Andree Brunin) for voice (tenor and piano) (2008)
    Commissioned by Damien Topp (2008)

Op.161 “Mystère” for Diane Andersen (2008)

Op.162 “Brain Teaser” Octave Displacement (Teaching piece) (2008)

Op.163 Bagatelle for Ariana (2008)

Op.164 “Reflections” Sorrows and Joys for Sima Schwartz (2008)

Op.165 “ French Suite”” 2008
     * A Field of Happy Sunflowers “Zone d’heureux Tournesois “ for Eric Hénon 
     * Motorcycling Through the Beautiful French Country-side for Nadine Delsaux
     * “motocyclisme par la campagne francaise” 
     * “Chateau de Saint Senoch”, Varennes for madame Therese planiol

Op.166 “Breve” Song for mezzo-soprano for Madame Planiol (poem) Sept. 2008

Op.167 “ABCDEFG” for Aidin Garcia Teaching piece 9 26 08

Op.168 “Crescendo” for Nathalie Hansen Teaching Piece 9/30/08

Op.169 “ Brain Teaser” for Alexander Robert LeBouef 10 /27/ 08

Op.170 “In an Echo Chamber” for Sona Gyulkhasyan 10/28/08

Op.171 “Repeat That Please !” for Lena Gyulkhasyan 10/28/08

Op.172 “Sorrow” for Alleigh Shaughnessy 10/29/08

Op.173 “Mountain Echo” for students of the Ghazaros Saryan Art School (Yerevan Armenia)10/30

Op.174 “Contemplation” for Ellen Powers 90th Birthday Celebration (commissioned by Powers Music School) 11/08

Op.175 “A is for __________________” for Charlotte Elizabeth Bowder 11 29 08

Op.176 Circle of Swelling Triads (Sharps)

Op.177 Circle of Swelling Triads (Flats)

Op.178 Sleigh Bells for Nshaun Haig Yacubian

Op.179 Whispering Harmonics for Avedis DerMarderosian

Op.180 Silence is Golden for Nishaun Haig Yacubian

Op.181 Bagatelle for Elfrieda Hiebert Jan.2009

Op.182 Three Close Friends with 30 Fingers (pn. trio)
     Commissioned by Eleanor McLaughlan March 2009

Op.183 Bagatelle for Aili Chin March 2009

Op.184 Bagatelle for Martha Walker May 2009 (Commission)

Op.185 Piano Sonata No.5 Commissioned by St.Anselm College, NH

Op.186 Three Bagatelles for Instrumental Ensemble
     Commissioned For Belmont Record Payers

Flute, Clarinette Bb & String Quartet

Op.187 Three Planiol Poems for Trio (violin, cello & piano)
     Breve; Ses Yeux; Feux Follet

Op.188 “Triptych” About Edward Charles “ED” Wilkinson
     Commissioned by Alice and Harold Wilkinson in memory of their son
     Part 1 A treasured Christmas gift with sparkling diamond-like eyes full of promise
     Part 2 A tragic accident
     Part 3 Happy Memories

Op.189 In Memoriam Carola Grindea October 2009

Op.190 Tango (arr. For 2 Flutes and piano) Nov. 2009

Op.191 Pastel Sketch For Angel Ramon Rivera 70th Birthday gift

Op.192 Tango (arr.Violin & Clarinet Bb & piano )

Op.193 Vicissitudes for Violin, Viola and piano November 2009

Op.194 Tango (arr.String Quartet) November 2009

Op.195 Tango arr.for vioin and piano Jan.1 2010

Op.196 Tango arr. For violin, viola & piano Jan. 3, 2010

Op.197 Tango arr. For Flute & piano Jan. 3, 2010

Op.198 Meditation for Trumpet and piano

Op.199 Reflection for Babette Samelson Whipple (in Memoriam) for piano

Op.200 Morsel for Phyllis Alpert Lehrer's Birthday

Op.201 The Powers of Music May 2010 Commissioned by Powers Music School
Dedicated to Richard Curzi and Roger Read

Op.202 Tango for Cello and piano March 31, 2010

Op.203 The Rose Garden (Manoire de la Gautrie) May 2010

Op.203a arranged for 3 hands
For Annette and Norbert Martin

Op.204 Strolling Through The Garden Listening to Three Birds Converse
For Professeur Georges Lienard June 2010

Op. 205 Four Song Poems commissioned by Soprano, Karol Carroll
To be Premiered at Carnegie Weil Hall October 9, 2010

Op.206 Bagatelle for George Lienard July 5, 2010

Op.207 Jigsaw Puzzle mini Etude for Olive Chang Sept.16, 2010

Op.208 Scampering for Armina Maria Meschian Oct.2010

Op.209 Hopping Around on Tip Toes for Marina Eliana Lehrer

Op.210 Mélange for 3 violins and piano December 2010
Commissioned by Robert Ryan (for Peabody Institute Concert)
Baltimore, Maryland

Op.211 (1/1/11) Tanghetto for Sheila Jascalovich

Op.212 (1/7/11) Little Folk Dance (duet) for Mariah and Juliana Stillman

Op. 213 ( 4/1/11 ) Bagatelle "Thank You Notes" for Maria Stiepanova Gambarian piano solo

Op.214 4/24/11) Energy for Samuel Isaac Harris piano solo

Op.215 9/11/11 Shepherd’s Flute Tune for Carlton Coughlin,
Commissioned by Naydene Bowder

Op.216 9/17/11 Hopping Around for Noah Henry Ditzion

Op.217 11/11/11 SIX 3=3 = 2+2+2 for Shiloh Harper

Op. 218 11/14/11 Little Etude

Op.219 11/30/11 Etude for Timon William Bergmann (playful sevenths) or Splashes of Sevenths

Op.220 12/1 11 Twin Brothers (duet) for Ezra and Levi Chang

Op.221 3/18/12 Clara’s Theme for Baby Clara (Anna Marija’s Markovina)

Op.222 4/18/12 Folk Song for Leah Salehrabi

Op.223 June 2012 Ballade No.4 for Diane Andersen, World Premiere 6/23/13

Op.224 August 19, 2012 “Une histoire d’amour” for LH alone for Dr.Adrienne Wiley, World Premiere 6/23/13

Op.225 Oct. 30, 2012 Tango arr. For Fl., alto sax & pn. for Mimi Stillman

Op.226 Oct.31, 2012 Tanguito arr. for fl. alto sax. & pn. for Mimi Stillman

Op.227 Nov. 2012 Piano Trio set of 3 Tangos Slow Tango : Three Tangos for Trio (vl.,cello,pn.) for Penny Shapiro

Op.228 Dec.2, 2012 Round & Round We Go (for 5 players at 2 pianos) for Nadia Lasserson

Op.229 Feb.2013 Toccata “Hygagan” for Elizabeth “Betty” Gregory (In Memoriam) World Premiere 6/23/13 Marathon

Op.230 March 2013 Little Folk Dance for Ariel Sahehrabi

Op.231 March 17, 2013 Lullaby for Adah Gaella Cash

Op.232 July 19, 2013 Lullaby for Baby Bryce “Climbing up and down the scale”