Dianne Rahbee in Austria

Composer, Pianist, Teacher and Lecturer

Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee composes a range of music at all levels. The majority of her writing is for the piano since she herself was trained as a pianist. She has a wealth of teaching pieces for early intermediate through early advanced students and has many large concert works for the advanced pianist as well.

She has in addition written many instrumental works, ensembles of various combinations, songs, orchestral works, etc.

Performances of Dianne's music are licensed by BMI.

“ I was very impressed by your work and consider it a highly valuable addition to contemporary piano literature.”
            -- Rudolf Firkusny, Concert Pianist

Dianne's doodle art

Special Attractions

Art by the Composer

Several Art works of the composer have been displayed at the "Touch" Art and Craft Gallery, 281 Concord Avenue, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138 (617)547-0017

75th Birthday Marathon in June 2013

Find out who played what on the Marathon concerts.
Programs for the 6 Marathon concerts

World Premieres at the 2013 75th Birthday Marathon on Youtube

Ballade No,4 Op.223
Diane Andersen, pianist 

Toccata “Hygagan” Op.229 In Memoriam Dr. Elizabeth “Betty” Gregory
Anna Mikaelian Meshian, pianist

Toccata “Hygagan” Op.229, In Memoriam Dr. Elizabeth “Betty” Gregory
Amelia Donoghue, pianist

For Left Hand Alone:  Nocturne Op.7 & Une histoire d’amour Op.224 
Adrienne Wiley, pianist

Bagatelle, op. 183, for Ai-li Chin
Bagatelle, op. 184, for Martha Walker
Nancy Lee Harper, pianist       

Bagatelle Op.213  ”Thank You Notes” 
Irina Baghdasaryan, pianist

There are many more YouTube videos of the 75th Birthday Marathon performers in action.
Check out the ones listed on the Audio/Video page


"Pictures and Beyond"  Book 1, Elementary (J1031)

"Three Close Friends" Op.182 (E1070) for SIX HANDS at ONE PIANO
Performance by Rick Jeet Gangopadhyay, Vikram Gopal, and Justin Liu, pianists

This is a fabulous piece that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

It's fun to play, fun to listen to and was fun to compose. It was commissioned by NEPTA member, Eleanor McLaughlin, and three of her students, who have performed the piece to great acclaim on several occasions. It was performed in France by faculty members of the Mons Conservatoire, Belgium in 2009.

FJH chose not to include a synthesized CD of the work that I made for practice purposes at three different tempi. We all know how difficult it is to get 3 students together at one time to rehearse. This CD allows them the possibility to practice the piece individually so that when they come together things will work better.

Dianne will be happy to make this CD available to anyone interested.